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Tequila Clase Azul Reposado (20cl)

Origin: Jalisco Highlands (Altos de Jalisco), Mexico

Type: 100% Blue Agave

Alcohol Level: 40% ABV

20cl Bottle

Tequila Clase Azul Reposado (20cl)

SKU: 1982013
  • Colour: Intense amber.

    Body: Silky and rich body.

    Aroma: Woody, fruity, vanilla and toffee caramel.

    Taste: Cooked agave, woody, fruity, very smooth, vanilla and toffee caramel but never overwhelming.

  • Clase Azul Reposado is an ultra-premium reposado tequila made with Tequilana Weber Blue Agave that is slow cooked in traditional stone ovens for a minimum of 72 hours. Once the agave reaches a deep, rich flavor, it is fermented with proprietary yeast prior to distillation. Once the tequila is distilled, it is aged for 8 months in hand-selected oak barrels. This process results in a superb, smooth taste which exceeds expectations with each sip.