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Hennessy X.O

OriginCognac, France

Type of Spirit: Brandy (Cognac)

Alcohol Level: 40% ABV

70cl bottle

Hennessy X.O

SKU: 1422031
  • Hennessy XO is a blend of around one hundred old "eaux-de-vie" from Cognac's finest growing regions. Hennessy X.O is a powerful cognac, harmonious and elegant. Masculine and generous due to its rich and spicy aromas with very structured nuances, it is dominated by the richness of oak and black pepper aromas. Its aromas of leather, oak and black pepper create a rare and magnetic complexity, softened by vanilla and cardamom for an endless tasting pleasure. A unique blend perpetuated by the Hennessy Master Blender, it offers a unique aromatic experiences - profound, strong and desirable, Hennessy XO, the Original and first ever created, is a source of continually renewed voluptuous experience and appreciation. The first wave, rich in dried fruit aromas such as prunes or dried figs, overcomes you. The aromas evolve to more dense notes of chocolate and black pepper, mellowed by cinnamon, clove and cardamom spices. These fragrant and generous scents of crystalised fruit, oak, spices, and emanations of old leather, all fall into place very distinctly. Very balanced on the palate, Hennessy X.O confirms the aromas discovered by the nose with dried fruit and chocolate. Elegant and robust, it reveals balance, roundness, and harmony among aromas, underlined by the strength of peppery notes, and vegetable fragrances from the oak. A lovely long after taste is enrobed in velvet conferring the last sweet notes of cinnamon and vanilla.