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Villa Sparina, Brut Blanc de Blancs

Origin: Metodo Classico, Piedmont, Italy
Grape Variety: Cortese

Alcohol Level: 12% ABV

Serving Temperature: 8-10°C

75cl bottle

Villa Sparina, Brut Blanc de Blancs

SKU: 1902015
  • Colour: The wine's brilliance and clarity show pale golden highlights, combined with very fine bubbles that carry an abundant, persistent foam.
    Nose: Delicate, subtle aroma of wine is revealed mild citrus and herbal undertones. 
    Palate: Fruity with a scent of peach, fresh and well balanced. A pure, rich sparkling wine with a full body and a round texture. Flavorful. Lots of character and beauty.

  • Perfect as an apéritif or with light dishes, fresh cold seafood and shellfish.