Clés des Ducs V.S.O.P.

OriginArmagnac, France

Type of Spirit: Brandy 

Alcohol Level: 40% ABV

70cl bottle

Clés des Ducs V.S.O.P.

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  • Cles des Ducs VSOP is an armagnac from France. A wealth of taste and vibrancy on the palate makes this an exceptionally easy Armagnac to drink and appreciate. Cles des Ducs VSOP armagnac has a weighted average blend of 7 years. Cles des Ducs VSOP produces its armagnac with an impeccable respect for traditional production methods. Authenticity in every aspect produces the unique aroma and nose of Cles des Ducs VSOP armagnac, capturing the attention of the connoisseurs of grand "eaux-de-vie". Cles des Ducs VSOP is a warm and round "eau-de-vie". With aromas of fresh fruit, spices and oak wood, it possesses the complexity and richness of an aged Armagnac "eau-de-vie". The subtlety and character of this Gascon spirit are best enjoyed at the end of a good meal. A tasting measure of each enables a number of different armagnacs to be enjoyed in moderate quantities.